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Do’s of Survey
  • Read all the questions carefully before answering them.

  • Always take help of the customer support before answering any questions or if any other party is trying to connect with you via e-mail or any other platform.

  • Give honest answers to all the questions asked in a survey.

Don’ts of Survey
  • Don’t share any survey details with your family friends, friends, non-public forums about any kind of screenshot, titles for the survey, survey id’s, etc.

  • Never be in hurry during the procedure of survey.

Multifarious Don’ts
  • Creating multiple alive choice accounts is wrong for one user.

  • Offensive or bullying activities or hateful nature for alive choice team members.

  • Spamming the comments of our blog.

  • Completing the surveys with false information.

  • Never submit inappropriate photos or videos.